Version 2023.02 valid from 7 July 2023

The following Membership Terms and Conditions apply to the contract ("Contract") between Fitness 24Seven Oy, business ID 2402161-5 ("F24S" and "We") and a named person ("Member") on the services provided by F24S to its Members. In addition to these Membership Terms and Conditions, F24S applies the applicable Special Terms, Rules of Conduct, and other terms and conditions of services and offers, which are available on our website ( ).

1 Membership

Membership of F24S is personal and the minimum age for entering into a contract is 18 years.

Membership entitles you to use F24S facilities in Finland and Fitness24Seven facilities in other countries where F24S operates gyms directly or through its group companies – currently in Sweden, Norway, Thailand, and Colombia. Please note that there may be local variations in the Rules of Conduct and customer service opening hours in different countries.

F24S is obliged to provide the agreed services (including, but not limited to, access to the gym) to the Member on the agreed date and time.

F24S reserves the right to refuse to grant a membership to any person who

i) are in debt to F24S or any of its group companies,

ii) have acted in breach of the F24S Membership Conditions, the Special Conditions (paragraph 17) or the Rules of Conduct (paragraph 7) when they were previously Members of the F24S; or

iii) are permanently banned from accessing the F24S premises (blacklist).

When membership is granted, the Member is issued with F24S membership card. The card is personal property of the Member. The card may only be used by the Member themselves and may not be transferred or lent to another person. When the membership ends, the Member must discard the membership card without delay.

1.1 Membership types

F24S offers three (3) different membership options

- Regular - access to all fitness centers 24 hours a day.

- Senior - a retired person (see section 3.7) who has the same access to fitness centers as a regular member

- Student - a student (see section 3.7) who has the same access to fitness centers as a regular member

If the Contract provides for the use of an entrance for persons with reduced mobility, the contract only applies to premises with a designated entrance for persons with reduced mobility. Access to these premises is 24 hours a day.

Membership card and contact details

When visiting F24S premises, members must register for each visit by swiping their membership card through the card reader at the reception desk. Members are required to always keep their membership card with them during their stay, also during training, so that it can be presented at regular controls. If the membership card is lost or damaged, it must be reported immediately to the reception or to the F24S customer service, which will issue a new membership card for a charge in accordance with the F24S price list in force at the time (currently €9.90).

In addition, the Member must inform F24S of any changes in contact and payment details (including name, e-mail address, telephone number and other information provided). All correspondence will be sent to the email address provided by the Member.

2 Payment

The validity of the Contract requires payment of the membership fee and the insurance premium, if agreed upon, in accordance with the Contract. The Member is personally liable for their payments to F24S. This applies even if another person is named as the payer in the Contract. If the Member has not activated the e-invoice permit or recurring card payment according to the Contract and these terms, the member must pay the membership fee and possible additional service fees at the gym reception by the due date without separate notice. The payment and due date for on-going membership fees is 29th of each month. The payment and due date for accident insurance is the 1st of each month.

3.1 Fixed-term membership

If the Contract is concluded for a fixed term, the membership fee is paid in advance and in full at the time of signing the Contract. If the Member takes out accident insurance, the premium must also be paid in full in advance upon signing the Contract.

3.2 On-going Membership with e-invoice

If the Member has chosen e-invoice as the payment method for Membership, the Member must activate an e-invoicing permit on their personal online bank account within three (3) days of the Membership registration. Finnish social security number is used as an identification with the e-invoice permit and thus this payment method requires a Finnish social security number that is presented upon registration. Only private persons are accepted as payers via e-invoice. Corporate accounts are not accepted. The e-invoice is sent monthly to the Members online bank and the Member is responsible for receiving and paying the invoice by its due date. The sender (F24S) or the bank are not obliged to send out the invoice in any other form. The Member is responsible for all costs caused by the following reasons: the invoice cannot be sent to the Member’s online bank due to lack of an active e-invoice permit, erasing of the invoice or failure to confirm the invoice. Such costs include service fee, reminder fee and debt collection fees. The e-invoice permit applies until further notice. The Member is aware, that the Membership contract signed with F24S does not end when the Member removes their e-invoice permit with the bank. Each Member must consult their own bank’s instructions for setting up the e-invoice permit including general terms and conditions for the e-invoicing service. If someone else will be a payer for the Member’s e-invoices, both parties are required to sign an official Other Payer-form at the gym.

3.3 On-going Membership with card payment

The payment for an On-going Membership paid recurrently by credit or debit card will be made monthly in advance, as with an e-invoice, starting from the date of the Contract. The Member is responsible for ensuring that the credit or debit card is activated for recurring transactions both at the time of concluding of the Contract and during the term of the Contract and that the credit or debit card may be charged with an amount equal to the recurring Membership fee and any agreed accident insurance premium. The payment is charged on the due date without separate notice. The payment and due date for on-going membership fees is 29th of each month. The payment and due date for accident insurance is the 1st of each month. The member is obligated to update payment card information in case the information changes.

3.4 Sport benefits

F24S accepts payments with sport benefits by various service providers. Accepted payment methods can be found from F24S website ( Using sport benefit for payment does not exempt the member for activating the primary payment method agreed in this membership contract. The minimum payment is for two (2) months and maximum for 12 months at a time. Reminder or debt collection invoices cannot be paid with a sport benefit. No refunds are made. The payment must take place at the gym reception, F24S does not accept payments made remotely.

3.5 Gift card

It is possible to purchase a gift card from the gym during reception opening hours. The minimum amount for the gift card is EUR 10. Gift card can be used as a payment method to all services and products sold by F24S Finland. The value can’t be converted into cash. The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

3.6 Unpaid membership fees

If the membership fee is not paid by due date due to insufficient funds, non-payment of an e-invoice or unauthorized card, or for any other reason, F24S reserves the right to remove the Member’s access to F24S premises and other services and to transfer the unpaid membership fee to a collection agency. Payment reminder and other collection activities will be carried out by a debt collection agency. The payment reminder will be sent via email to the email address the Member has registered to F24S. The Member's access to the F24S premises may be reopened once the Member has made full payment, including any interest on arrears and the legal costs of reminder and collection. However, the removal of access due to an unpaid invoice does not affect the Member's obligation to pay for the period during which access to the F24S premises was excluded.

3.7 Change in the price of an On-going contract

Promotional contracts paid by e-invoice or recurring card payment will automatically be converted to the current standard price at the end of the promotional period. A Member of a Student Price Contract will receive the Student Price until the date their student card is valid, after which the Contract price will become the standard price. The Student Price may be extended by presenting a new valid student card at least 14 days prior to the expiry date of the previous student card. The student price will then be extended for the duration of the validity of the student card presented. If a valid student card is presented after the student price has already changed to the standard price, the price will be changed back to the student price from the beginning of the month following the month in which the card is presented. In the case of a Senior Contract where the Member is entitled to the Senior price on the basis of a KELA certificate entitling them to a periodic sickness allowance, the Member will receive the Senior price until they are entitled to the sickness allowance. On the expiry of the period of validity, the price becomes the standard price. However, the Senior price may be extended if the Member presents a new sickness allowance certificate or other justification, such as an occupational pension or national pension card. The same rules apply to price changes as those set out above for the student price. A permanent Senior price is granted to those receiving a retirement pension or invalidity pension. There will be no retroactive price adjustments.

4 Contract term

F24S has no mandatory commitment period for On-going Contracts paid by e-invoice or recurring card payment. The termination period is two (2) months from the date F24S receives the Member's notice of termination. A Fixed Term Membership has a fixed contract period, and the Contract will automatically terminate at the end of that contract period.

5 Suspension, transfer and termination

5.1 Suspension

Membership can be suspended for a service fee or free of charge if the Member provides a certificate from healthcare professional that member is unable to exercise during the requested suspension period. Membership can also be suspended free of charge by presenting proof of unemployment, or military service. The Contract may be suspended for a maximum period of twelve (12) months at a time. At the end of the suspension period, the membership is automatically activated. Retroactive suspension is not possible. The Member must keep the receipt of the suspension carefully and, if necessary, present it later at the request of F24S. If the suspension is agreed after the upcoming month’s invoice or debit transaction has been created (11th of the month for e-invoicing and 24th of the month for recurring card payment), the payment for upcoming month’s work out fee and insurance must be paid normally. All paid work out time during suspension will be saved and compensated automatically after the suspension ends. Please note that the suspension and termination periods may not be applied at the same time.

5.2 Transfer

Membership can only be transferred to another person one (1) time, i.e., the transferee cannot transfer forward. When transferring a membership, the transferring member must pay a transfer fee to F24S in accordance with the current price list. The Member receiving the membership, must pay the start-up fee in accordance with the current price list and accept these conditions in writing and F24S must accept the person as a Member. On-going Memberships paid by e-invoice, opening and promotional offers are not transferable.

5.3 Termination of Membership by a Member

Membership for an On-going period may be terminated with two (2) months' notice. If the On-going membership is terminated, any accident insurance will be terminated with the same two (2) months' notice. If a member wishes to terminate accident insurance only, this must be clearly stated in the notice of termination.

The fixed-term membership is valid until the end of the Contract term. If the Member's circumstances change materially in a way that they could not have foreseen, such as a result of relocation, pregnancy, unemployment, military service or a long-term illness that prevents physical activity, the Member may terminate the fixed-term contract with two (2) months' notice. It is the Member's responsibility to be able to provide the necessary evidence of the unexpected change in circumstances.

The Member can terminate the membership through F24S websites. Alternatively, the Member may send a notice of termination in writing to or to Customer Service, Mäkelänkatu 87, 00610, Helsinki. The notice of termination is binding and cannot be withdrawn.

5.4 Termination of membership for breach of contract by F24S

F24S may terminate membership if the Member breaches these Membership Terms and Conditions or the related Rules of Conduct (paragraph 7) and other provisions.

In addition, F24S reserves the right to terminate the membership immediately if the Member commits a material breach of contract. A breach of the Special Terms (paragraph 17) will always constitute a material breach of contract.

If F24S terminates the membership, the Member's obligation to pay will continue for the remaining duration of the Contract. If membership is terminated immediately, all outstanding payments under the Contract become due immediately.

If the member's breach of contract causes damage to F24S, F24S shall be entitled to claim compensation from the Member for the damage caused to F24S.

6 Health condition

Members are responsible for ensuring that their health condition is such that they can safely participate in F24S activities.

7 Rules of Conduct at the gym

F24S is committed to equality for all people. F24S expects all its Members to treat each other and F24S staff with fairness and respect regardless of gender, gender identity, disability, ethnic origin, belief, sexual orientation or age. F24S has zero-tolerance for actions that members and staff may find offensive or degrading. This includes words, body language, clothing, and other forms of expression. Only clean workout clothes are permitted. Exercise is not permitted in bare torso, bare feet, jeans or work clothes. The facilities are intended for training-related activities and may be used by the Member solely for that purpose. For example, Members may not sleep or otherwise improperly stay on the premises. It is the Member's responsibility to comply with the Rules of Conduct in force and to comply with any instructions given by F24S staff, either verbally or in writing, concerning training methods and the use of equipment. Members are expected to behave at all times in a manner that does not disturb other Members, residents of the same property as F24S, or F24S staff and suppliers. If the Member behaves in a disruptive manner or fails to comply with the Rules of Conduct and guidelines, F24S has the right to restrict the Member's stay on the premises or the Member's use of the premises in general, or to terminate the Membership entirely in accordance with paragraph 5.

8 Guest

A member may bring up to one (1) guest per year and only during the reception’s opening hours.

9 Doping

F24S reserves the right to intervene in any use of illegal substances on its premises. The sale and other brokering of doping substances is also prohibited. In these cases, F24S reserves the right to terminate the membership agreement in accordance with terms 5 and 17 (Special Terms) and to notify the police.

10 Accidents and limitations of liability

10.1 Accidents

If the Member has opted to join the F24S group accident insurance, the Member is insured during the time they are training at the F24S premises in Finland. The insurance is valid until the last day of the validity of the insurance. The insurer of the accident insurance is currently HDI Global Specialty Sverige Filial, business ID 516402-6345, and the insurance is in the name of Svedea AB. Further information on accident insurance can be found on the F24S website ( F24S reserves the right to change the insurance company provided that this can be done without changing the terms to the significant detriment of the member. Any change will be communicated to the Member within a reasonable time in advance.

10.2 Limitation of liability

F24S is not liable for personal injury, damage to property or loss of property of a member, unless such injury or loss is caused by the gross negligence of F24S.

Occasionally, F24S carries out maintenance work on the premises, as well as repairs, maintenance, and equipment replacements, which may lead to temporary deviations in opening hours. F24S shall notify the Member by reasonable notice in advance on the premises or by e-mail if the measures are likely to cause inconvenience to the Member.

F24S shall not be liable for any reduction or limitation of the service provided by F24S to a Member due to an event beyond the control of F24S which F24S could not reasonably have prevented or foreseen (including but not limited to: pandemic, strike, industrial action, fire, flood, riot, government order or regulation, or terrorism).

11 Changes to membership terms and service offering

F24S reserves the right to make changes to the On-going contracts’ membership fees, other fees and these terms and conditions.

If changes are made to the membership fees or terms and conditions that are detrimental to the member, the member will be notified by e-mail or SMS at least one (1) month before the change takes effect.

Since membership entitles the Member to use all F24S gyms, the Member is not entitled to terminate their contract or claim a reduction of the membership fee due to changes in the F24S offerings, unless the changes cause significant inconvenience to the Member.

Members who terminate their contract due to such a change are protected from any price change during the termination period. If the Member terminates its contract under this paragraph, the Member shall be able to prove in writing that termination has occurred.

12 Personal data

F24S processes the Member's personal data in accordance with the effective F24S privacy policy and applicable legislation. The Member shall be informed of any significant changes to such practices. The Member declares that they have read and understood the effective F24S privacy policy at the time of signing the contract, Access to the premises without a security guard shall be by fingerprint identification. This information is stored only on each member's card and is compared with the information scanned at the time of entry. The Member has been informed that the entrance and the premises are monitored by camera surveillance for security reasons.

13 Identification

Membership registration requires presenting of a valid identity card. To pay by e-invoice, a Finnish personal identity number and a Finnish bank account is required. A valid identity card and, if necessary, a certificate of studies from a Finnish educational institution, a Finnish work permit, residence permit or a certificate of an asylum application submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service are required for a fixed-term membership. The Student Price Contract requires a valid student card.

14 Right of withdrawal

A Member entering into a Contract remotely, for example via the F24S website, has the right to withdraw from the Contract within 14 days by notifying F24S in writing to the following address: To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Member may also use the model document provided by the Ministry of Justice Decree 110/2014 on the website of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. F24S shall acknowledge receipt of the notification and refund the amount paid without delay. By entering into the Contract, the Member agrees that the provision of the Service may commence during the withdrawal period and the right of withdrawal does not apply if the Membership Card has been activated and the Service has therefore been provided. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the date on which the purchase was made.


  • Paragraphs 15 and 16 only apply when the Member signs the contract via the F24S website.
  • Purchases made online are personal in the sense that only the person wishing to become a Member can personally sign the Contract via the website.
  • The Member has accepted, through the website, that the terms and conditions of this Contract apply to the Membership.

15 Payment

The Member must pay the agreed fees in accordance with the instructions on the F24S website. By committing to an On-going membership with a monthly payment by card, the Member undertakes to give his/her card information through a service provider (Nets) portal and update the card information in case the information changes. The portal can be accessed through the link sent to the Member’s email address or through F24S websites.

16 Terms of delivery

The effective date of the contract is the date on which the purchase is registered on the website and not the date on which the membership card is collected from F24S. Members can collect their membership card from the location indicated in the order confirmation e-mail during reception opening hours. The order confirmation will be sent to the email address provided at the time of purchase. The opening hours of F24S are published on the F24S website

( ).


By signing up for a membership of F24S, I confirm that I have read and understood the meaning of these Special Terms, and I am fully aware that F24S reserves the right to terminate my membership and, if necessary, to ban me from entering the F24S premises in case of a breach of these terms.

  • If you are exercising between 22:00 and 08:00, please pay particular attention to any residents of the property and other exercisers in the fitness center and its nearby area. Use a ''normal'' conversational tone, do not drop weights, or use exercise equipment in a loud manner but complete the movements in a controlled manner.
  • I give my consent to the storage of my fingerprint. This will be used for joining and ending the membership. I am aware that I will be photographed for the purposes of Membership. I am aware that the premises are monitored by 24-hour camera surveillance, and I hereby consent that the surveillance material may be disclosed to the police or other authority responsible for the investigation in the event of an offence report.
  • Guards occasionally carry out member controls, so as a Member I must always have my membership card (membership ID) with me on the premises.
  • I undertake not to conduct competing or personal business on or around F24S premises (e.g., by offering services as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or selling exercise equipment).
  • I have no right to let anybody in or out other than myself. Violation of this rule results in immediate removal of my access right. In case of any problems or emergencies, I shall immediately call the on-call service number.
  • I understand and accept that the use, sale and transfer of illegal substances and other criminal activities are strictly prohibited on the premises of F24S and will immediately result in the termination of my membership and a report to the police.
  • I am aware that F24S has a two (2) month period of notice for On-going memberships. F24S recommends that you, as a Member, provide proof of termination if required.
  • I have read and understood the terms of e-invoicing and payment. I also understand that if there are no funds in my account or debit card by the due date, or if I have not issued an e-invoicing authorization via my online bank, I will receive a reminder letter via email with a reminder fee and statutory interest for late payment. The membership card shall be suspended until the payment is completed.