Privacy Policy

Information on how we handle our members' integrity and the use of our products and services.

This policy was last updated on April 21st 2023.

Purpose of this privacy policy is to inform regarding:

  • The information we collect about you
  • How we share your information with third parties
  • Why we store and handle your personal information
  • Your rights as a member

The information we collect about you

In order for us to honor our obligation to you as a member, communicate with you, provide service, maintain security, and improve customer experience, we need to collect some of your personal information and user data.

  • Individual information:Name, date of birth, personal identification number, gender, fingerprint and photo
  • Contact Information:Mailing address, phone number, e-mail address
  • Payment information:Credit Card number, payment history, e-invoicing address
  • Behavioral Information:Gym entrances and exits, group exercise bookings, surveys, camera monitoring, logs 
  • Other Information:Information that you give to us that is necessary to continue providing our services, such as use of our personal trainers, information provided during surveys, events, etc.

When you use our digital applications we collect information via cookies in order to improve your experience of the applications. Read more about this processing in our cookie policy.

How we store your information

All processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with current data protection regulation and with the recommendations from the EU commission. If you use F24S's services in our other markets our local companies will be responsible for the processing of your personal data.

Your personal information is stored for up to 24 months after your membership has been terminated, or have made your last payment if there is remaining debt. Afterwards your data will be deleted or anonymized automatically.

Exceptions are made in cases where a member has been suspended in accordance with our membership agreement. In those cases personal data is saved in order to identify the suspended member in a system with limited access by our staff. The data is saved until the suspension is ended. Personal data can also be required to be saved for a longer period of time if we have a legal obligation to do so.

How we share your information with third parties

F24S consist of several companies within the same group of companies. Some of our functions are centrally provided by F24S and your personal information may therefore be shared with other companies within our group of companies.

We also work with third parties that assist with various services, such as subcontractors that provide membership surveys, payment systems, data hosting, communication, IT operations and IT development. They have access to your information in a reasonable capacity so that they can perform these tasks. They are obligated to not reveal or use any information for any other purpose than the one they were hired to perform.

We also share and store user data with third party through cookies.

Why we store and process your personal information

Our processing of personal information is only permitted if there is a contractual basis for processing, consent from our members, statutory obligation or if us as a data controller have a legitimate interest for processing your personal information  (a.k.a. balance of interest)

Contractual basis

Certain categories of personal data are used by us to fulfil our part of our member agreement with you, in providing you with the possibility to work out at our gyms. In order to become a member at Fitness24Seven you agree to our membership agreement and confirm that you have read this privacy policy. We may use your personal data for sending you information regarding your agreement, for instance changes to our Terms & Conditions, information about deviations to opening hours or similar. 

Legal obligation

Invoices and payment history are handled by us in order to comply with legal obligations that are specified in each countries' national laws. We may provide your information to law enforcement agencies and emergency services according to the law or to comply with decisions made by authorities.


Some personal information can only be processed if the individual has given prior consent.


In order to have access to F24S gyms 24 hours per day, seven days a week, we ask our members for their consent in storing and processing your fingerprint. Your consent is given at our sites during the onboarding process upon becoming a member at F24S. Your fingerprint is encrypted and stored locally on your membership card, meaning F24S does not have access to the fingerprint itself. When entering F24S gyms, the encrypted fingerprint is verified against the data stored on your membership card, allowing you to access our gyms.

You can choose to not consent to the processing of your fingerprint, or withdraw your consent at any time, although we will only be able to offer access to our gyms during staffed hours.


In order for F24S to send direct advertising, your consent is required. You can give us consent during your registration of your membership, ether online or at the gym.

If you do not want to receive direct advertising, you can withdraw your consent at any time by visiting a gym during staffed hours or by contacting us by email at: 


When you choose to receive marketing that we send to you, we process certain personal data about you in order to send marketing and other communications. We collect your name, phone number and email address. The purpose is to be able to communicate with you, send newsletters and other communications. We have collected the personal data from you in connection with your giving your consent when signing up for membership, either online or at the gym, but also when you, for example, participate in competitions or campaigns. The data is stored for 24 months. The data is shared with our supplier to administer the mailings. You are not obliged to provide the personal data to us, but if you do not share the data, you will not be able to receive any communication from us. We will not use your personal data for automated decisions and/or profiling.

If you do not wish to receive such information, you may at any time choose to withdraw your consent at the gym or by email to:

Balance of interest

Some processing of personal data is not covered by contract, legal obligation, or consent. Instead, it is covered by what is referred to as a balance of interest. This concerns information where F24S need to process personal data (as the data controller), outweighs the individual members’ interest to be protected from violations to their personal integrity that such processing might result in.

We use this legal basis to process your personal data in order to:

  • Better understand your needs and to continue to improve and offer the best membership experience possible.
  • Only communicate relevant information to you.
  • Create a secure training environment for you, other members and our employees.

When you choose to participate in competitions or promotions that we offer, we process certain personal data about you in order to carry out the competition or promotion, manage your participation and evaluate the competition or promotion. We collect your name, phone number, email address, information provided in competition entries or campaign entries and evaluations. The purpose is to be able to communicate with you, send confirmation of registration, evaluations and other questions before and after your participation. The processing is necessary to satisfy our and your legitimate interest in managing your participation in competitions or promotions. We have collected the personal data from you in connection with your participation in a competition or a campaign and store the data for the duration of the competition or campaign (including evaluation). The data is shared with our supplier to administer the competition or campaign and any collaboration partner. You are not obliged to provide the personal data to us, but if you do not share the data, you will not be able to participate in the competition or promotion. We will not use your personal data for automated decisions and/or profiling.

Your rights as a member

According to law, you have the right to:

  • Receive information about which of your personal information is stored with us.
  • Request a correction of incorrect data, limitation of data or deletion of your personal data.
  • Object to the use of data that is based on balancing of interest.
  • Take part of the data that is stored and used with your consent and withdraw consent at any time.
  • Receive the personal information that you have submitted to us in a structured and readable format (data portability).

If you want to utilize these rights, please visit your closest gym during staffed hours and identify yourself with valid identification.

Other information

F24S reserves the right to change this policy by updating this website. In the case of a significant changes, we will inform you as a member in another way, for instance by email.

Responsible party and contact information

Fitness24Seven OY (”F24S”)
Mäkelänkatu 87

If you believe we have violated any of the regulations concerning the use of your data or have questions regarding our data processing, you can contact your local national data protection agency. You can find a list of them here.