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Privacy Policy

Information about how we process members’ privacy and usage of our products and services.

Fitness24Seven OY (hereafter “F24S”) reserves the right to change this policy by updating this page. In case of larger changes, we will inform you the member about them.

This policy takes effect on May 25, 2018.

Personal data controller & contact details:
Fitness24Seven OY
Mäkelänkatu 91

If you think we have violated regulations on the processing of personal data, or have other thoughts about personal data, you can contact your national data protection agency. A list of national data protection agencies can be found here.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about:

  • What information we collect about you
  • How we share your data with third parties
  • Why we store and process your personal data
  • Your rights as a member

What information we collect about you

In order to be able to fulfil our contract with you the member, as well as stay in touch, provide good service, maintain security, and improve your experience, we need to collect your personal data and usage data.

Identifiable information: Name, date of birth, personal identity number, sex, fingerprint, photo

Contact information: Mailing address, telephone number, email address

Payment information: Credit card number/bank account number, transactions

Historical information: Entry, group exercise history, messages, studies, video surveillance, logs

When you use our digital applications, we collect information with cookies in order to make the user experience better for you. Read more about it in our cookie policy.

How we store your personal data

Any processing of personal data we do happens inside the EU/EEA.

Your personal data is stored up to 12 months after your membership is cancelled, or 12 months after you have completed your final payment (in case of an outstanding balance after cancelled membership).

Exceptions are made in cases where a member has been suspended in accordance with § 7 of our membership agreement (see the membership for your market). In such cases, your personal data are saved in order to be able to identify the suspended individual in a system with restricted access for F24S personnel.

How we share your data with third parties

We get help from others to offer our services, such as subcontractors for membership studies, payments, data storage, communication, IT support and IT development. They have access to your information in a way that is reasonably necessary for them to be able to perform these tasks for us, and they are obligated to not reveal or use the information for any other purpose.

We also share and store usage data with a third party through cookies.

Why we store and process your personal data

Our processing of personal data is only only permitted if there exists a concluded agreement or consent, in case of statutory requirement, or if there is a legitimate interest for a personal data controller (known as balance of interest).


Certain personal data are processed by us in order to fulfil your membership agreement and offer you the possibility of exercising at our gyms. In order to become a member at Fitness24Seven, you must approve our membership agreement and confirm that you have been informed of this privacy policy.

Statutory requirements

We process invoices and payment history in order to follow statutory requirements imposed on us by local law.


Certain personal data may only be saved and/or utilized if the data subject has given their consent.


In order to have all-day access to F24S gyms, you are required as a member to give consent to our processing of your fingerprint. You give this consent in person in connection with registration. Your fingerprint is stored solely on your membership card, which means that F24S does not have access to it, and that, instead, verification takes place only during entry. You can choose to not give your consent, or to withdraw given consent at any time, but we can then unfortunately only offer you the possibility of exercising during office hours.

Marketing communications

In order for F24S to be able to send relevant information, and in case you have the opportunity to participate in studies, consent is required from you. This consent can be given during registration, either online or at the gym.

If you do not want to receive such information, you can choose to revoke your consent at any time at the gym or by emailing

Balance of interest

Certain collection and processing of personal data is not covered by agreement, legal requirements, or consent, but is instead covered by what is called balance of interest. This is information for which the the interest in processing of specific data on the part of either F24S (the personal data controller), the individual member, or other members outweighs the individual member’s interest in protection against violation of personal privacy.

We use this in order to:

  • Better understand your needs and thus to be able to continually improve and offer the best possible member experience.
  • Communicate only relevant information to you.
  • Create a safe and secure exercise environment for you, other members, and our employees.

Your rights as a member

Under statutory terms, you have a right to:

  • Get information about any personal data that are stored by us about you.
  • Request correction of incorrect data, limiting of data, or erasure of your personal data.
  • Challenge any processing that is based on a balance of interest.
  • Be informed of data that is processed on the basis of consent or revoke given consent at any time.
  • Receive any personal information that you yourself have provided in a structured, machine-readable format (data portability).

If you want to exercise these rights, you can visit the nearest gym during office hours and identify yourself with valid ID.