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Personal Training

We strive to offer the best price on the market for Personal Training. All our trainers are educated and certified.

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What is Personal Training?

The basics for personal training is that every individual have unique needs and prerequisites. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an elite athlete we always work with actual principles within anatomy, physiology, physical training and nutrition – which we in best possible way try to apply to you as an individual. We coach, support and motivate you to have more energy, getting better workout routines and to feel better!

We offer

We offer a couple of different training arrangements which none of them require you having a membership at Fitness24Seven – even though it could be beneficial for your progress.

Our training arrangements and prices:

  • PT 60 MIN - 60 min sessions with PT
  • PT DUO - Workout with a partner and "share" a PT on all the PT DUO Training hours you book.
  • PT GROUP - Are you a group with the same goal? Then you can book a PT helping you all reach it.
  • NUTRITION - Learn what food fits your body and lifestyle.
  • TRAINING PROGRAM - Get a training program that fits your goals.
  • BODY ANALYSIS - Get to know your body better. Together with a Personal Trainer you will measure your body and/or follow up how your body changes together with training.

Find your PT

To get started you need to find a PT to train with. We're in the midst of building a new function which will make it easier for you to find a PT that fits you, your location and your needs but are not done yet. While waiting we have to ask you to find your PT by searching for gyms close to you that offers Personal Training services.

  1. Go to the page
    Our gyms
  2. Choose the filter features and check Personal Training.
  3. Add the filter Near me
  4. Choose the gym that fits you in the list that have been generated below the filters and go that gym page to see which Personal Trainers that are active there.
  5. Contact them and take part of your first and free consultation