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Last updated: 22nd of may 2018

Fitness24Seven OY (hereby F24S) reserves the right to change this cookie policy by updating this page. We will communicate to you when and if there is changes of bigger proportions.

When you use we gather some information with the purpose of increase user experience and to be able to deliver more relevant communication. Below you can read about cookies, how it works, what information we collect and why we use it.

  • What is a cookie and how does it work?
  • The information we collect
  • Why we use cookies
  • Don't you want us to collect information through cookies?

What is a cookie and how does it work?

A cookie is a text file that asks for permission to be placed on your hard drive when you use a webpage. It accepts that a web page “remembers” previous usage and preferences from a user.

All stored data are pseudonymised which means it’s not traceable. The information we collect will automatically be deleted after a certain time period.

You can read more about cookies here.

The information we collect:

  • Geographical information (i.e. region/city)
  • Demographical information (i.e preferences and interests)
  • Technical information (i.e. device and OS of use)
  • Reference data (i.e from where you entered our webpage)
  • User data (i.e. click, page views and scrolling)

Why we use cookies

The main reason we use cookies are to understand how users interact with our web page. By analysing numbers and behaviour we believe we could deliver a better user experience over time.

The information we collect through cookies are also used to follow up and to deliver more accurate marketing communication and advertisitng (in for example social media) to users by retargeting and remarketing.

Don't you want us to collect information through cookies?

Most web browsers let users change their preferences so that the browser deny, block and/or to delete cookies. If you choose to block cookies on our webpage it could negatively affect the user experience and in some cases make some functions to stop working.